We know that choosing the right IT strategy that fits business goals can be a daunting task for some businesses. At Plaunix, we are dedicated to working with individuals, small businesses and corporate organizations to choose a customized IT strategy that aims at helping the business achieve its business goals. We offer professional on-site IT training to individuals and company employee. Our team of professionals will tailor the training to fit specific company needs. Our training covers a wide range of information technology topics. We train from basic desktop support and PC repair to more complex IT topics. We also offer on-demand IT training services to our clients. Whether you are and individual who need general computer literacy training or a business who is looking to improved the productivity of your employee in some areas of IT, we got you covered.

Your Business Success is Our Passion!

As you focus your attention on building your business, we focus are time and resources in providing you with a complementary IT strategy that will give your business the needed support to grow. We help businesses cut IT cost and increase thier ROI, with the right IT strategy.

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